Rosen Enterprises
Welcome to the home page of Rosen Enterprises, where the work of Dr. Robert Rosen and Judith Rosen can be accessed.

Dr. Robert Rosen (Born June 17, 1934, died December 28, 1998) was a Theoretical Biologist who developed a lifelong curiosity to understand the nature of life, as it is manifested in living organisms, from very early childhood. It was a curiosity that never left him and which guided the rest of his life and certainly his entire career. By the end of his life, he had found the answers he was searching for to the question; "What is life?" or, more comprehensively; "Why are living organisms alive?" However, the journey towards those answers took him into uncharted areas of science where he literally had to create the tools necessary to be able to approach the subject. Ultimately, Robert Rosen's most important legacy for Science may well be his discovery that the foundations of Science carry several erroneous pre-conceptions-- false assumptions about the nature of our universe, traceable to Cartesian and Newtonian schools of thought, which have generated a preoccupation with all things material at the expense of what actually carries most of the responsibility for causal effects: Relations. In an interactive universe, the way things interact "matters"-- and, indeed, these relational aspects of interaction account for the lion's share of effects which constitute the manifested behaviors-- the observables-- of material systems in our universe. One of those causal effects/manifested behaviors is something we call LIFE.

Judith Rosen is a writer, researcher, and artist who, through interaction with her father, has a comprehensive understanding of his scientific work. She traveled on numerous scientific trips with Robert Rosen over the decade and a half prior to his death. After he passed away, she inherited all of her father's artistic and scientific work, both published and unpublished, which she intends to make fully accessible again either through republishing or through this website.  In addition, Judith is continuing further development of many of her father's scientific ideas in ongoing research, with a focus on Anticipatory Systems Theory.

Aside from the scientific work of her father, Judith also has her own creative work, including fiction, non-fiction, and art, to be marketed here.